Development of the project of import and export with the subsequent maintenance

The basis of the success of the import-export deliveries and maximizing the profit of the company is well-organized and detail-designed scheme of the foreign trade transactions. The optimal scheme of international delivery is a sequence of actions or the plan of implementing the foreign trade transactions.



The development of import or export project

Our experts will work out the project, basing on wide practical experience in the implementation of import and export deliveries of various complexities. We will pay your attention to all possible nuances of the clearance and implementation of the planned project, as well as advise and offer you a variety of solutions for the implementation of the delivery.

Which stages of elaboration of import or export deliveries we perform:

  1. Negotiations with future partners
  2. Preparation of an international contract project
  3. Selection of the optimal logistic schemes of delivery of product
  4. Selection and approval of commodity nomenclature of Foreign Trade Activities
  5. Forming a full list of activities which need to be carried out at the delivery organization
  6. Drawing up a list of costs

You will receive a finished plan for the organization of import delivery, which will allow you to minimize the risks of customs clearance, optimize the cost of transportation and storage of goods at a warehouse, select the optimum period of issuance of permits (certificates and declarations of conformity, and so on.) on imported goods.

Shipping - one of the main stages of the foreign economic transaction

Our specialists are ready to provide a professional service for the choice of an international carrier, delivery of your cargo, ensuring its safety, speed of delivery and prompt reporting of the location of the cargo. During the selection of the optimal logistics solutions take into account the following factors:

  • The type of imported or exported goods
  • The required promptness of delivery
  • Possibility of consolidation with other international cargoes and so on.

For formation of proposals for international shipping, we need the following information:

  • Place of departure
  • Place of delivery
  • Dimensions of cargo
  • Gross weight of the load
  • Transportation specifics (usually the sender provides the information about the specifics of the transportation, such as temperature regime or class of danger), and so on.




After receiving of this information, logistics specialist will calculate and offer you a choice of options of international transportation, from which you can choose the most suitable for you by the ratio of "price-delivery time."

During the analysis of proposals on international transport of goods must be considered not only the transportation component (freight), but also the additional costs arising in the process before or after the main carriage, for example, time of the free use of the container, the cost of registration of export declaration, etc.

International shippings of consolidated cargoes have a high demand now. Our company has extensive experience with the so-called "collections". Services on the international shipping of consolidated cargoes beneficial to customers with small quantities of goods for which loading the whole wagon is unprofitable. Delivery of such cargoes are certainly longer than during direct send by car, but the customer significantly saves on combining his cargo with cargoes of other importers.

During the calculating of consolidated cargo transportation cost it is necessary to very precisely know the size and weight, as well as understand that there may be a transshipment of cargo. During transportation of international consolidated cargoes, depending on a route, transshipment of cargo delivered might be performed several times.