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Geography of works

Doing Business with China is very profitable, but there could be unforeseen problems. That is because of the differences between European and Asian cultures.

Their understanding of a deal differ from ours so much, that it is sometimes difficult to solve the simple question, for example, to get an accurate specification for the ordered goods.

That is where are difficulties with delivery and customs clearance of goods from China comes from..

That is why in such matters are much more reliable way is to enlist the support of customs representative. Then the import of goods will bring you profits, and customs clearance will cease to be complicated.

That's what is the work of customs representative. The key to success is not only to get goods from China at good prices, but also have no problems with them at the customs clearance..

Customs clearance of goods from the United States

Imagine that your company introducing a new service for customers. For this job you will hire a professional, because his efficiency and quality of work will be much higher than that of non-specialized employee.

Customs clearance of a goods from the United States is exactly the same service. The result is guaranteed only when you work with an experienced licensed customs representative.

OOO «Customs terminal «Verhnyaya Volga» offers you an assistance in customs clearance and the organization of international shipment from any European country.

If you import cargoes from Europe (especially for the first time), you are concerned about the following issues:

  • How in generally the customs clearance goes
  • What documents you need for your cargo and where to get them
  • And what’s so special in the customs representative's work

The representative’s work does not have any tricks. It only helps us to be honest partner.

Reliable customs representative can be distinguished by: legal schemes, accurate calculation, extensive experience and high staff qualification.

That is why we are extremely useful to you and your business.

OOO «Customs terminal «Verhnyaya Volga» offers you an assistance in customs clearance and the organization of international shipment from any Asian country.

Cooperation with us gives you:

  • absolutely legal passage of all stages of customs clearance without delays and risks
  • guaranteed security of your cargoes
  • effective foreign economic activity of your company

It is important to understand that in every country there is an individual legal specificity, which must be taken into account in the organization of cargo transportation.

Our company has a great experience in customs clearance from all the countries of this area, including China and Turkey. Therefore, our experts thoroughly aware of all the nuances and issues that may occur, excluding(проверьте, пожалуйста, оригинал, там написано «исключая таможенные риски», а это весьма странно для данного контекста, если решите заменить на «включая», то вместо «excluding» напишите «including») potential customs risks.

We have a 20 years of experience in the market of customs services
Duration of registration — 1 day
Differentiated approach to the client
Remote release - modern and rapidly
Financial guarantees of our activity

About us

OOO «Customs Terminal «Verhnyaya Volga» was created to provide professional services in the field of customs to participants of foreign economic activity.

Under the contract with the client we provide:

  • Organization of passing customs procedures
  • customs declaration
    • import
    • export
    • other customs procedures
  • temporary storage under customs control (including our own temporary warehouse)
  • Registration and reception of documents for customs purposes (including the reception of Federal Customs Services decisions on the classification of goods)
  • Certification
  • Professional consulting on customs issues
  • Complex maintenance of investment projects

Our specialists in customs operations have special education and qualification certificates of the Federal Customs Service, which allows OOO «Customs terminal «Upper Volga (Verhnyaya Volga)» to carry out a full range of services on customs clearance in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.

Before you begin to prepare the customs declaration by yourself, consider whether or not to take risks, because mistakes in the preparation of documents can lead to considerable delay in the withdrawal of goods on the internal markets, but cooperation with us will allow you to significantly reduce the costs and terms of customs clearance.

We are always open for cooperation and are ready for partnership!

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In 2011 our tear became the winner of the All-Russian competition from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation «Golden Mercury» in nomination «Best exporter enterprise in service sector».

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