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Working easily with heavy

Exports of goods

Export - customs procedure under which the goods of the customs union are exported outside the customs territory
of the Customs Union and intended to reside abroad.



We will free you from

  • A large amount of paper work
  • Passing the customs clearance
  • Interaction with government agencies during the collection of documents
  • Complex financial and legal procedures

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How we work

You leave an application
We conclude a contract
You provide the documents

List of documents for customs clearance of goods at the customs procedure "export":

1. Contract

2. The passport of the transaction, if its clearance is necessary

3. Confirmation of payment on the contract

4. Permits for the goods, if they are needed by product code

5. p / p of payment of customs duties

6. Invoices

7. Shipping documents

8. Technical Documentation

9. Insurance policy, if it is provided by the terms of delivery

All documents must be translated into Russian.

We draw up the declaration

Rely on us,
we are doing this for a long time

Well-functioning cooperation with the temporary warehouse and customs authorities   Using modern technologies of electronic declaration   All the specialists of the department of customs clearance company pass obligatory certification
We have great experience with products of chemical and petrochemical industry   The greater the volume of drawn up cargoes, the bigger the discount   Work with any commodity groups

Geography of works

Doing Business with China is very profitable, but there could be unforeseen problems. That is because of the differences between European and Asian cultures.

Their understanding of a deal differ from ours so much, that it is sometimes difficult to solve the simple question, for example, to get an accurate specification for the ordered goods.

That is where are difficulties with delivery and customs clearance of goods from China comes from..

That is why in such matters are much more reliable way is to enlist the support of customs representative. Then the import of goods will bring you profits, and customs clearance will cease to be complicated.

That's what is the work of customs representative. The key to success is not only to get goods from China at good prices, but also have no problems with them at the customs clearance..

Customs clearance of goods from the United States

Imagine that your company introducing a new service for customers. For this job you will hire a professional, because his efficiency and quality of work will be much higher than that of non-specialized employee.

Customs clearance of a goods from the United States is exactly the same service. The result is guaranteed only when you work with an experienced licensed customs representative.

OOO «Customs terminal «Verhnyaya Volga» offers you an assistance in customs clearance and the organization of international shipment from any European country.

If you import cargoes from Europe (especially for the first time), you are concerned about the following issues:

  • How in generally the customs clearance goes
  • What documents you need for your cargo and where to get them
  • And what’s so special in the customs representative's work

The representative’s work does not have any tricks. It only helps us to be honest partner.

Reliable customs representative can be distinguished by: legal schemes, accurate calculation, extensive experience and high staff qualification.

That is why we are extremely useful to you and your business.

OOO «Customs terminal «Verhnyaya Volga» offers you an assistance in customs clearance and the organization of international shipment from any Asian country.

Cooperation with us gives you:

  • absolutely legal passage of all stages of customs clearance without delays and risks
  • guaranteed security of your cargoes
  • effective foreign economic activity of your company

It is important to understand that in every country there is an individual legal specificity, which must be taken into account in the organization of cargo transportation.

Our company has a great experience in customs clearance from all the countries of this area, including China and Turkey. Therefore, our experts thoroughly aware of all the nuances and issues that may occur, excluding(проверьте, пожалуйста, оригинал, там написано «исключая таможенные риски», а это весьма странно для данного контекста, если решите заменить на «включая», то вместо «excluding» напишите «including») potential customs risks.

We declare goods send by
different kinds of transport


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Why do you need a customs representative?

— Why do we need qualified customs services?

When importing goods into the Russian Federation for your business, you have to declare them at customs. The so-called customs clearance is a complex and responsible procedure. Self-transportation and customs clearance of cargoes and equipment in the absence of experience and knowledge of the customs legislation will lead you to the fact that you:

  • Will spend weeks to prepare the necessary documents and to do the paperwork
  • There is a possibility that you may incorrectly identify the code of the goods, from which depends the measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation, and also you can incorrectly define the HS codes (if you don’t know what the HS is, then you already need our help)
  • Risking to arouse inspection suspicion in understating the cost of a cargo

There is also the probability of incorrect determination of the customs value from which depend the payments to the Russian Federation budget, you may also get confused in the calculation of customs duties

— What do "white" and "gray" customs clearances mean?

Well-known technique for reducing the rate, which is used by most agents - documentary understating the real cost of the goods. As a result of such "gray" schemes you are paying less, but also risking of losing everything because of the break of the law. To those who appreciate the reliability and stability of the business, we provide the best prices, sticking to the letter of the law.

The Federal Customs Service can check the completeness of payment of customs duties in the budget within three years.

— What documents do I need to register a company in the customs authority?

List of the documents required to register a company in the customs authority:

  1. Certificate of state registration of legal entity
  2. Certificate of registration of legal entity in the tax authority
  3. Charter in Word format
  4. Extract from the Unified State Registкн of Legal Entities and from the Unified State Registry of Individual Entrepreneurs

— What is the Incoterms and its rules?

Incoterms conditions can be found here.

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